Tour Time - New Mexico plus cancellations

Happy Solstice!
We head out tonight, to Texas, for the 4th wedding of this summer.

Sadly, my (Melissa's) grandmother passed away and the funeral services are this weekend as well.  She was 89 years old, married to my grandad for 70 years.  She lived a full and blessed life; she had a generous heart and an unconditional way of making each person she encountered feel so special.  She passed on her musical genes to most of her children and grandchildren. 

We've cancelled our shows for White Rock in Dallas on 6/24, and The 806 in Amarillo on 6/25. 
After the wedding and funeral, and very full family time, we'll make our way to Santa Fe.  YAY!!! 

We are beyond thrilled to return to this gorgeous and truly enchanted land. We are so happy to be invited back to perform at Taos Mesa Brewing and the Santa Fe Wine Festival!  We're looking forward to playing with our friends Johny Broomdust and Jamie Russell (bass and drums) again.

Look for more Instagramming from us. 

Here's the rundown of dates coming up...

June 28 - 2pm - KMRD Radio - Madrid, NM  
Tune in to the "Wondering Minstrel Show" with Dennis Overman, 2pm mountain time. 96.9 fm or

June 29 - 7pm - Taos Mesa Brewing Taos, NM  

July 1 - 4:30pm - Blue Grasshopper - Rio Rancho, NM 
Awesome brewery and brick oven pizza joint, along with music...join us! It will be our first time in Rio Rancho :)
July 2 - 3pm - Santa Fe Wine Fest - Santa Fe, NM
July 3 - 11am - Santa Fe Artisan Market at the Railyard - Santa Fe, NM

July 3 - 5pm - Mineshaft Tavern - Madrid, NM  

July 8 - 8pm - White Rock Coffee - Dallas, TX


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