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    You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

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    Gypsy Blue

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The Dirty Rain Revelers - Compilation of live clips featuring four of their original songs recorded at Chickie Wah Wah, New Orleans
1) Pick Out Your Own Cloud (Spark)
2) I've Seen (Magnolia)
3) It's Gonna Rain (Home: Vol. 1)
4) Hell and Back (Spark)


April 2020 - Stay Home Stream Dreams 

Hey friends, 

We hope you all are doing well and staying healthy out there.  It's a wild world and full of new information daily.  It can be quite overwhelming, and I know you all are having your own unique challenges adjusting to this current wave. 

We're doing our best to stay upbeat and motivated, and limiting our news consumption; We always turn to music to uplift us when we get too caught up in the turbulence. 

And we take turns uplifting each other, because as we're still human, earthly matters can…

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March Madness + cancellations and hibernations 

Hey friends, 

We've come to the end of our Escape MG tour, which has turned into Escape CV.  Strange times indeed. 
We were lucky that none of our traveling shows were cancelled, but it looks like the next few weeks will be 'hide and hibernate' time.  How quickly things change...It'll be a good time to work on new songs and recordings!  

We've posted two videos that we captured from out in West Tx HERE.

We had such an amazing time out west, and want to thank all of our friends and fans for their…

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NM+TX + Ogden + Rock & Rouge - March 2020 

Happy Leap Year! 

We're currently in Bisbee, AZ on our way to NM next and in the midst of our Escape Mardi Gras tour in the Great Southwest! 
We're enjoying the desert air and meeting many kind folks along the way. 
It's good to hit the refresh button periodically and breathe in new landscapes...essential to the creative impulse. 

March isn't just the name of the month, it's the action to describe the happenings! 
March is the fullest calendar we've seen yet for music land and we're so incredibly grateful…

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Escape Mardi Gras tour + Ogden Museum 3/19 

Hello friends near and far! 

Mardi Gras season is upon us in New Orleans!  Which means the busier season for us, gratefully. 

We're escaping the bulk of Mardi Gras this year and heading out west.  We'll be home for a few of the special, early parades, and leaving just before it gets extra-extra here in New Orleans.  We're so excited to revisit some of our spots in AZ and NM and explore more of West TX. 

We do have some local shows to highlight between now and then - 

Tues. Jan 28th - 7-9pm - The…

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Happy 2020 + Save the Date + Tours ahead 

HAPPY 2020!! 
We're so excited to be in a new decade!  It feels more significant and hopeful than just entering a new year. 

After trekking over 23K miles just in tour miles (!!), we're winding down December with a little bit less to do-ness.  Somehow, that's more miles than we traveled in 2018, even though we went all the way to the PNW and back.  

We officially started Sweet Jones (former band name) in 2009 and it’s amazing to look back on the last ten years of growth, exploration and change.  We’re…

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