Duo Performances


Wiser Cause - The Dirty Rain Revelers
Fairhope AL February 2019
Find it on their Spark album (track 14)

The Dirty Rain Revelers perform their cover of Killing The Blues (Rowland Salley);
Pensacola Bay Brewery, February 3rd, 2019
Find it on their Spark album (track 8)


The Dirty Rain Revelers - Who Will Be Your Spark (Live),
single from the new album Spark 2018
Performed June 2018 at Colfax Ale Cellar, Raton, NM

Dylan’s, Man In The Long Black Coat is one of two singles from the new record Spark, released Oct 25, 2018. 
Now available on their website as well as most streaming platforms.
Here The DRR perform it live at Colfax Ale Cellar in Raton, NM, on their Spark Tour 2018.