The Dirty Rain Revelers are husband/wife team, Matthew and Melissa DeOrazio, both on guitars and vocals. 

The music they make is in the vein of Roots-Rock, with elements of blues and country mixed in; infused in the sound is their love and warmth for each other and for life itself. 
The couple met on a gig in Austin in October 2005, a post-Katrina love story set to music.  Melissa has family roots in TX and grew up in Austin; Matthew was retreating and recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
They quickly began performing, recording and touring together, and after a year and a half, Melissa and Matthew joined in marriage in 2007, and moved back to New Orleans.  As two independent artists from divergent backgrounds, they felt compelled to merge their styles to create a sound more representative and ultimately more rewarding.
After nearly 14 years in New Orleans, under various band names and lineups, the couple relocated to The Shoals region of North Alabama, carving out a sanctuary and home base to tour from.   

To date, they’ve recorded four albums, performed at various festivals, toured annually from the Southwest/East Coast/Midwest/Northwest, built a home recording studio, established their own music publishing company, and performed their own arrangement of the Cole Porter tune, I’ve Got My Eyes on You in the closing scene of NCIS Crescent City Part 1 with Mark Harmon and Scott Bakula.
Their song, I've Seen, was featured on NCIS New Orleans (October 11, 2016), where Matthew performed the song instrumentally on the show, with local trumpet player Ian Smith.
They appeared for a third time on NCIS: New Orleans (May 15, 2018) as a full band, performing two original songs. (I've Seen and Pick Out Your Own Cloud; both songs are on the Spark album, released October 25th, 2018.
They also had their own radio show for 2 years (Dec'17-Mar'20) on the community-based/supported radio station WHIV, (stands for We Honor Independent Voices). 

Coming in 2022, they are in the planning stages of a live record and a studio album...details tba.

They enjoy playing festivals, markets and clubs, as well as performing at alternative venues and benefits.

The Dirty Rain Revelers are available to perform as a duo, or as a full band, adding bass/keys/strings and drums depending on the venue/occasion.
Check the Calendar page for updates on where they are.


Matthew is a proficient and prolific musician who has been playing guitar and performing the majority of his life. He grew up along the east coast, mainly in DC and NYC, with short stints in Miami and Philadelphia.  He fell in love with New Orleans in 2002 during a trip to Jazz Fest, and decided immediately that this was the home his soul had been longing for.
Under the name El DeOrazio, his “modern electric blues” combine new interpretations of familiar songs with his own “spontaneous compositions”, which come to life as improvisational work inspired by the moment. He has worked with many other artists on guitar and drums, both live and in the studio over the years, and truly enjoys every aspect of playing and creating music.
His EP El DeOrazio is available on the Music page. 
Matthew has several 'main' guitars, but enjoys playing locally crafted instruments, including the New Orleans Guitar Company JB14 (Vincent Guidroz, New Orleans, LA) and the Melancon Cajun Gentleman (Gerard Melancon, Thibodaux, LA)

Melissa is a musician, poet, yogi, kitchen magician and photographer who infuses her effervescent energy into her songwriting and performing. She is inspired by the world on a daily basis.  She was very active in the Austin music community for several years (1999-2007), organizing music showcases and performing both solo-style and with various band incarnations, including Melissa on the Rocks, where Matthew & Melissa first began playing together in late 2005.  Melissa and Matthew recorded a full-length album, called M.O.T.R, in 2007, which is available only for download, on the Music page.

Their music ultimately expresses heart and soul. 
They are grateful to be able to share this positive inspiration in the world and grateful for your support and enjoyment as well.